What is AQUECOIL™?

Aquecoil is the premier brand of residential hydronic heating units. It is the essential component of a hybrid system that uses hot water from any source that provides sufficient BTUH and your preferred brand of central air conditioning to heat the home affordably and reliably. Aquecoil Units have been used in high quality homes for decades.
You get radiator-quality warm air through your Central Air Conditioning vents!

Why choose AQUECOIL™?

You can match Aquecoil units up to any brand and any SEER A/C system, so you never need to use mismatched equipment. The Aquecoil hydronic heating unit even has a baked enamel finish to match most air handlers.
For maximum versatility, the heat output can be adjusted to the home’s heating need independent of its cooling requirements. By adjusting the water temperature, water flow rate or airflow you can tune it to match the required design parameters and meet energy codes.
For those interested in “green” building, it is the perfect way to maximize the effectiveness of high efficiency boilers, water heaters and tankless water heaters. It is as economical and environmentally friendly as the components to which it is connected.

Where to use AQUECOIL™?

The perfect place for an Aquecoil unit is anywhere central air conditioning is used. It can be installed in both new construction and refits of homes, condos and apartments.
In boiler markets, the base model is all you need. For markets using either conventional water heaters or tankless water heaters, you can choose to have a circulation pump factory installed inside the unit and have the recommended valves included in the box. Either way, the Aquecoil hydronic heating system uses the same thermostat that the air conditioner uses. It even works great with programmable wall thermostats.
All Aquecoil units can be ordered to fit either the discharge or return side of any brand of air handler. They can be connected to air handlers in any orientation, whether horizontal, upflow or downflow.