1. Superior Construction
  2. Compact 8” Cabinet Height
  3. Designed to Use Full Surface Area of Coil
  4. Convenient Piping Configuration
  5. Baked Enamel Paint Colored to Blend with Air Handler
  6. Lightweight Rust-proof Aluminum Cabinet
  7. Matches Up to Air Handler Without Field Modifications (i.e. Air-Blockers)
  8. Mirror Finish High “R” Rigid Foam Insulation
  9. Includes Mounting Strap for Secure Installation
  10. Front Access Panel for Easy Coil and Pump Service
  11. Low Static Pressure 2-Row Coil
  12. Discharge Style Includes Internal Air Baffle and Top Air Gap
  13. Discharge Style Has Flanges for Easy Duct Work Connection
  14. Return Style Has Smooth Top to Conform to Air Handler
  15. Option for 3-Speed Internal Circulator Pump
  16. Option to Include Valves (Shutoff, Bleed and Check)
  17. Specification Sheets Show Real World Data (EAT 70˚F)
  18. 20-Years of Experience
  19. 3-Year Limited Warranty
  20. Engineered to Comply with UL Standards