1. General Benefits
    1. Affordability
      1. Inexpensive Equipment Cost
      2. Nothing Extra Needed to Attach to A/C System
      3. Uses the Same Plumbing Materials as the Rest of the Job
      4. Wires into Existing Thermostat using A/C Strip Controller or Simple 90-290 Relay
    2. Versatility
      1. Works with Any A/C System
      2. Works with Any Hot Water System that Supplies Sufficient BTUH
      3. Heat Output Can be Adjusted to Match System Requirements
    3. Reliability
      1. 20-Year Track Record
      2. Extremely Low Failure Rate
      3. Long Life Expectancy
  2. Benefits Over Furnaces
    1. No Additional Gas Lines in House
    2. No Exhaust Vent Means:
      1. No Hole Through Roof or Exterior Wall
      2. No Chance of Dangerous Exhaust Leaking into House
    3. Better Air Quality
      1. Does Not Dry Out Air
  3. Benefits Over Heat Pumps
    1. Can be Configured to Heat Requirement Independent of Cooling Load
    2. Works Regardless of Temperature Outside (Ambient Air Temp)
    3. No Need for Auxiliary Heat Strips
  4. Benefits Over Radiators
    1. Needs Only One Hot Water Loop per Zone
      1. Increased Efficiency Due to Reduced Heat Loss in Water Pipes
      2. Greatly Reduced Installation Labor and Material Cost
    2. Uses Central Air Ducts and Vents
      1. Does Not Interfere with Furniture Placement
      2. Thorough and Balanced Heating
    3. No Homeowner Maintenance is Required
      1. No Need to Bleed the System After Initial Fill
      2. Optional Internal Circulator is Maintenance Free
  5. Benefits Over Radiant Floor Heating
    1. Ease of Installation
    2. Greatly Reduced Material and Labor Cost
    3. Does Not Attract Termites
  6. Benefits Over All-In-One Air Handler Units with Hydronic Heating
    1. Works with Any SEER Equipment
      1. You keep the tax credits and rebates for high efficiency
    2. Maintain Brand Identity with Matched Air Handler and Condensing Unit
    3. No Need to Sacrifice Cooling Capacity for Heating Load or Vice Versa
    4. Does Not Void Warranty