Lower Static Pressure!

When AQUECOIL™ Hydronic Heating Units were originally designed nearly 20 years ago, the intended application was to be inserted into an existing installation as an aftermarket upgrade. Because of that, the discharge openings have always closely mimicked the size of the air handler’s supply opening. It would mean the installer had only to cut 8” from the duct and slide the AQUECOIL™ HydroHeat unit into place...

As the decades have passed, the “normal” installation of AQUECOIL™ products occur in new equipment installs and product change-outs. The supply opening size is easily accommodated in these cases.

Any decision to change a design that has worked so well for so many years is a difficult one to make. We have been asking for and receiving feedback from installers and technicians about how to improve AQUECOIL™ products and it has been taken into careful consideration. Static pressure has become a much larger concern than an easy refit job.

In response to market demand, we are increasing the supply side opening on all models of AQUECOIL™ HHU Direct Mount Hot Water Coils to expose virtually all of the finned surface area. This simple change decreases air pressure drop without sacrificing performance at all. The proprietary air diffusing baffle underneath will remain in place to assure air flow over the entire finned coil. This unique feature, and a shorter cabinet height, set AQUECOIL™ HHU products apart from the competition, who can deliver only a fraction of their quoted BTU output.

This change is effective immediately, so you will not have to do anything different to take advantage of the improved static pressure drop.

In the event you absolutely need a unit with either the old discharge opening size, or even a custom size, please be sure to let us know. Product can be manufactured to your specified requirements with no change in delivery time.